A Life Out Loud

Welcome to A Life Out Loud. I created this little space so that I can share with you my life, all of it–the good, the bad, the future, the past, the beautiful, and even the gruesome. I want to share all of it with you. My life has been a twisted and bizarre story from before I was conceived. As the plot of my story thickened and certain life changing events took place, I decided that I would start living my life out loud, to share my life with others. I want to share my joys and sorrows with everyone, those who may relate to my story, as well as those who are simply intrigued by the obscure chapters of my story. 


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On June 16, 2016, the life I had known for 24 years was flipped upside down. My 19 year old sister, my only sibling, my best friend, died when a tree fell on her vehicle while she was driving.

Prior to my sister’s death, our little home consisted of my mother, my sister, and myself. My father left us in 2009 when he decided that our life was no longer one he wanted to be a part of, so we were left to fight life’s battles with one less soldier.

My mother, the strongest woman I know, suffers from a chronic auto-immune disease called Addison’s Disease. This disease makes every day a new challenge.

Since losing my sweet sister, my mother and I have been left in this world seemingly all alone. Through this horror, we have learned that losing someone you loved dearly automatically makes you part of a club. The club I speak of is a club that no member wants to be a part of. The members of this club are grieving and mourning every day of this life. Even after the initial shock of the loss dissipates, we are left with an emptiness in our souls, a yearning that won’t subside, and a pain that will linger for as long as we live.

A Life Out Loud came into existence when my mother and I made a decision, after losing my sister, to start living our lives out loud. We want to share our obstacles, struggles, and joys with others. I hope sharing my stories and thoughts  out loud will reach those who are hopelessly searching for answers for why this life chose them to be a victim of it’s cruelty. No matter the affliction  you face, death, disease, depression…just know you are not alone.

I hope that A Life Out Loud will find all of its’ readers well.

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Name: Sara Ashley Elizabeth Mattingly – A Life Out Loud

Email: smatting@aum.edu