Remembering light when surrounded by darkness

Becoming so well acquainted with death has cast me into a dark trench. 

It is like a huge span of land that has these deep trenches dug in it. You start walking and you’re on flat, open, and bright ground. Then all of a sudden you fall into a trench that is deeper than you have ever known. A trench so deep in the ground that even the light fails to reach its’ depths. 

Then you find yourself on the other side of the trench again, on sunny bright open space…

Before you even have time to absorb the light, you once again fall into the depths of an even deeper, darker trench.

That’s grief. Constant ups and downs. 

I have found that when I find myself in a trench, sometimes looking at photos that I captured during my life before tragedy struck, can help remind me that there is still some beauty in the world. It also reminds me that I once was sentimental about my life and that I used to see so many wondrous things through my now grief stricken eyes. 

So, for anyone needing a little pick me up, here are some of my photos. Maybe the photos will be a reminder for you too, that there is still some wonderful things left in our failing world. 


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