To my little sister in Heaven on her birthday 

Today, my little sister would have turned 20 years old. 3 days from today will make 3 months since she left us and went to rest with Jesus. Today, we celebrated our Kacy. 
To my little sister on her 20th birthday:
I wanted so badly to be able to call you today and sing, “you’re a big kid now!” to you.
I wanted so badly to write you a super sappy birthday post on Facebook and anxiously await your sarcastic reply…usually something like, “I guess I kind of like you too.” 
Today, the reality of losing you overwhelmed me…pain sunk it’s teeth deep into my soul…
Today, I miss you…more than yesterday…not as much as tomorrow…I miss you more and more each day.
Today, I begged God to make an exception and to let us visit with you, even if only for a few seconds.
Today, each time I wrote the date, my heart trembled.
Today, was the most bittersweet day I have experienced yet.
Today…well, today I just miss you baby sister…more than my heart, mind, and soul can bear.


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