Tell me your story

This one is for all of you.

Since losing my sister, I have found that people avoid talking about her when they speak to me. I think it is because they are afraid that it will make me sad…or bring back the horrific details of her death. 

However, the one thing that brings joy to my soul is talking about my amazing sister. Sharing memories, stories, and pictures of her brings me happiness. Talking about her causes neurons to fire off in the part of my brain that holds all of the most precious and sacred moments of her life story. 

That is why I want this post to be an open invitation to all of you. All of you who have lost a part of what made you whole. Whether a pet, friend, sibling, parent, spouse, grandparent, aunt, uncle, child…ANYONE or ANYTHING that you miss deeply. 

I want you to leave comments on this post sharing your story. 

You can share anything. Memories of your loved one, the story of their death, your feelings after losing them, things you wish you could say to them, picture…ANYTHING. 

If you can’t seem to find the words, simply write their name.

I want to know your story. I want to know everything about your loss. I want to know everything you have felt and thought while battling each day without them. I want to know thins that helped you cope. I want to know EVERYTHING. 

Sharing your story reminds us all that we are not alone in this struggle.

I am making a promise to each and every one of you that I will read every single word of each of your stories and I will remember your loved ones with you. I will pray for you and I will comment back. 

Let your loved ones be remembered.


9 thoughts on “Tell me your story

  1. Kelsey Lynn McGraw, sweet sister, daughter, friend. Lost to her own demons, suicide.
    Sara, it always touches my soul that God gave us two amazing beautiful sisters and such precious memories. Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for bearing your soul and being so unfiltered. It is beautiful beyond anything I have ever read.

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  2. Well my own story is about my late grandmother and my ‘lost’ childhood friend.
    I knew my grandmother when I was 15.The first time I saw her,I called her ‘aunty’ cos I thought she was one of the village folks,not knowing she was the one woman I had always longed to see..she was introduced to me as my grandmother thereafter,she moved in with us..It wasn’t up to a year,Grandma took ill,and after 3months of struggling to stay alive for her grandchildren, for we had barely known her,she died..Before us..on a cool Sunday evening.. She breathed her last…she was taken to a ‘home’ meant for her ‘like’.Trust me she was a sweet woman…

    The later is about my childhood friend..we were friends for roughly 5-6 years..then I was 10 years old…The crazy thing about our friendship was that we only met on Sundays..for we had no access to phones then,and we lived quite a distance from each other…a time came that she didn’t come to church for 4 consecutive Sundays.. I was worried, about her…but I couldn’t make contact with her nor her family..Meanwhile,within this short period, I was engaged with something in church and my greatest desire was for my friend to work with me..On the fifth Sunday, she came to church…heaven knows I was carried away by the excitement of seeing her again and my desire to make her work with me in church…I forgot to ask her why she didn’t come to church all along.I was carrying out my duty in church and at the same time I was trying to talk into working in the same department with me in church,so my attention was divided…she felt bad and snubbed.she gave me a piece of her mind and left church immediately we dismissed..since then, I’ve not really had the time to talk things out with her for she doesn’t want to hear me out.The fire of our friendship is out,but the pain I still live with..and I’m 19 now..I still cry when I remember how we ended..

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  3. Within a few months time this year I lost three people in my life. First a dear friend who was the only on who could tell me to shut up and make me laugh about the comment. Suddenly gone passing due to pneumonia. No one from the family ever told me she was gone. The voice mails were left unanswered. The sudden silence only broken by the unexpected explanation from someone who knew. What I would have given for one more conversation even if my part was only to listen.

    Next I watched and waited as my brother slowly passed away from cancer. He got to say his goodbyes but it was still hard to watch and wait for what you knew would happen. I am grateful that I got to say goodbye.

    The last one totally caught me off guard. My ex-wife passed away. I found out from a friend at work. This one I thought I would be able to take better but perhaps I had had enough of this passing stuff. Never got to say goodbye. Never wanted to. Still memory wanted one last dance with thoughts of what was. The dance is slowly fading now. Time swallows but is not satisfied.

    Thank you for the invitation to share. I really needed this.

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    1. I’m so glad you found my post and were able to share your story. I can’t imagine losing so many people so close together. After losing my sister, she is all I can think about so I will be praying for you because I don’t know how you managed to survive losing 3 loved ones. I hope you will continue to remember them and share memories of them every chance you get. God bless you and thank you for sharing your story.

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  4. My story happened 28 years ago when I was just 25. I had just moved home from living in Atlanta for a few years. My father wanted me back in Alabama … I wanted to stay but I came home anyway. That was August 1987 ..he owned some land in South Montgomery County so I moved home …in January of 1988…he was killed by a falling tree he had cut down …while I stood there ….I couldn’t believe my eyes..I remember seeing leaves ..thousands of leaves fluttering all around me and then …I froze for a moment ..but then took off across the yard …his older brother lived a couple of miles away so I headed there I was driving I passed the Sheriff and he heard me screaming so he went to my house sensing something was wrong …my uncle was not home so I went to my cousins house …I don’t remember much until I got back to my house and there were lots of people milling around ..waiting on coroner and ambulance …and was taken to my mothers later..after all settled down I went back to my house to live …nobody could believe I went back but I felt close to him there…and it was years that I was able to feel blessed that I was chosen to be with him up till the last second of his life…I was the last voice he heard and face he saw…and I looked for him everywhere …and one day I started noticing leaves where they shouldn’t be…like if I was having a bad day…I would notice a leaf flutter down in front of me…or open my car and a leaf would be in my seat …I could tell you many stories like this..I have dried leaves all over my house because I save each one of them..because I know that’s him reminding me he is close …I have a daughter ..her name is Bonnie ..and I just can’t imagine the pain’s dreadful …but I look for leaves ..they always make me smile …and like you enjoy listening to others tell their memories of my father…I have memories of Kacy….she will live on in your memories like my dad does in mine….I love your family…

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    1. Melanie, I’m so glad you decided to share your story. I’m so glad you continue seeing little signs from your father. The leaves are a beautiful message to you, from him. The tree that fell on my sister’s car had a very distinct smell and every so often that smell randomly surrounds me. Also, every time my mother and I visited Kacy’s accident site, there were always tons of dragonflies flying around the tree and I continue to see dragonflies that will linger close to me and I know it is Kacy. I’m so glad they find ways to say hello because knowing that they are still here with us is gives us comfort. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for helping celebrate and remember my sweet sister. I will be praying for you.


  5. Hmmm what a beautiful and unusual post. I personally haven’t lost anyone unexpectedly, but I have held my grandparent’s hands on two different occasions as they left this world. Surely it was sad, but I’m so thankful I got to share those precious moments with them, even though it was heartbreaking at the time. Hope you’re having a lush day. Sending you love from across the world.

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    1. Thank you for taking time to share your story. I’m sure your grandparents were at peace knowing that you were by their side during their last moments. I wish I could have had the opportunity to be with my sweet sister when she experienced her last moments but I just have o find comfort knowing that I told her I loved her every chance I had.


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