Anxiety: A Repetitive Building and Exploding Phenomenon

A ticking time bomb, counting the seconds until explosion.

A balloon being filled with water that is reaching its bursting point.

A firecracker whose flame is reaching the end of the wick.

A heart that has been working too hard and finally stops beating.

A tear that swells on the edge of your lid, finally swelling enough to spill over.

A song stuck in your head that keeps repeating, driving you to insanity, until you find yourself singing it. 

A wave in the ocean gathering more and more salty water until it has enough to curl and crash.

The bomb explodes but another is triggered.

The balloon bursts, but you begin filling another.

The firecracker pops off, but another is lit.

The heart stops beating, but another life is born into this world of pain.

The tear finally spills over, only to have another follow its tracks down your cheek.

The song makes its way out of your head and into your mouth, but you are left singing it for days on end.

The wave finally crashes but another begins building, only to crash again. 


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