Seven Years

Seven years we’ve been here.

This world is cruel and it abides by no rules.

But I have taken cover, with you my lover.

My soul finds rest when I lay my head on the contours of your chest. 

For your love, I thank my gracious God above.

Because this life is a painful place, but you have been my saving grace.

You know every part of my soul, both bright and dull.

You love me for who I am, my heart is in your hands.

Seven years we have shared, and many times we been tempted and dared,

To surrender to the harshness of this life, trying to break us and make us fight.

I love you with everything I am and everything I ever will be and I want you by my side for all eternity. 

I promise to keep this love sacred, and to stand beside you even when we don’t think we will make it.

Through seven years I have loved you still, and I promise that I always will. 


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