Since when does Facebook have the right to interfere with death and grief?

My 19 year old sweet baby sister died on June 16, 2016 when a huge tree fell on her Chevrolet Blazer while she was driving down the road. The tree came directly through the windshield, landing on her face…the coroner pronounced her dead on arrival at 12:21am. My best friend, my only sibling, my beautiful little sister…is dead. Kacy would have turned 20 on September 13th. A few days before her birthday, I received a message from a complete stranger informing me that he had requested Facebook to have my sister’s page memorialized. At that moment, my mother and I lost the ability to log into my sister’s page…we no longer could look forward to seeing her memories each day…we could no longer read old messages that we had to and from Kacy from so many years back…it felt as though she had died all over again. Facebook does not memorialize a page only by the request of a “loved one”, rather, they will memorialize a page by the request of ANYONE. Even a complete stranger who was not even friends with the person whose page they want memorialized. My mother and I have lost so many irreplaceable memories of our sweet Kacy all because some random person asked Facebook to memorialize her page…without even asking us, HER MOTHER AND SISTER. When we tried to contact Facebook we were sent automated responses and were denied any help. Kacy’s Facebook page was the one thing that reminded us of how much alive she was…Seeing memories each day of posts that she had typed with her own fingers…pictures that she loved enough to share…her Facebook page was the one place we could visit and feel as if she was still here…still so much alive. Now, we cannot see her memories, messages to and from her, or even share things with our family from her page. Seeing the words “Remembering Kacy Harris” at the top of my sister’s page only serves as a reminder of the gruesome and tragic events of my baby sister’s death. Seeing those words at the top of her page is a cold reminder that she is DEAD. As if waking up each morning to the realization that she is gone isn’t a painful enough reminder, we now must be reminded by Facebook as well. Why do we, her family, not have the authority to decide whether or not we want Kacy’s page memorialized? Why does Facebook have the right to toy with the emotions of grieving families? Why does Facebook have any right to interfere with death AT ALL. When my sister died, all of her belongings were left in the hands of my mother and I…why would her Facebook be any different?

Please sign the petition in the link below get Facebook to change their policies on memorializing profiles:

Why does Facebook have any right to interfere with death and grief?


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