I have this wound 

I have this wound that just won’t heal.

This wound is deep and exposed nerves I can feel.

I tend to this wound each and every day.

But no matter the treatment, this wound will never go away.

When in public, my wound I must conceal.

So I cover it with a bandage and pretend it’s not real.

But by the time I get home the bandage is soaked from seeping memories of you. 

So I remove the bandage and I am reminded that it is true. 

The day you died is when this wound appeared.

If not treated properly this wound will become infected, I fear.

This wound is not superficial, simply on the surface.

Rather it is deep and gaping, which makes me nervous.

This wound is unsightly, not a sight many others can stand to view.

But this is my wound, and it is this way because of how deeply I loved you.

So I will continue bandaging this wound, to hide it from others.

But each day when I return home I will remove the bandage and allow my memories of you to be uncovered.

They say time heals all wounds, but that just isn’t true.

So I will tend to this wound until again I can see you. 


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