Dark stains on the asphalt.

At the scene of your death

There is still some evidence left.

When they took your mangled body out of the car

They laid you on the ground because the beating had already ceased from your heart. 

So there on the asphalt your lifeless body laid

And there on the asphalt a blood stain still remains.

So now when I drive down the road and see dark stains in my path

I can’t help but wonder if those too are stains of a life that was taken too fast.

For the sake of possible survivors I say a quick prayer

Because I know all too well what it’s like to feel the pain and emptiness of knowing that you were once there.

When I see your stain on the edge of the road

I can’t help but mourn the stolen pages of your life story that will never be told. 

So to all of you I have this to ask

When you see dark stains on the asphalt please take a moment to remember that any day could be your last.


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